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2020 Yunnan International Smart Building and Prefabricated Building Exhibition

Oct. 23, 2020

A mobile intelligent house-building equipment with its own traffic was mysteriously unveiled at the 2020 Yunnan International Smart Building and Prefabricated Building Exhibition today, attracting the attention of countless past visitors and the scene was very hot.


New products of our company appeared at this exhibition.A mobile intelligent house building equipment-------where you can build a house

it is a  light steel housing processing equipment a hoisting crane a breakthrough internet production management system


A C-photo can drive a vehicle on country roads


Integrated lightweight, integrated material and machine, quick disassembly


Satisfy the fantasy of infrastructure madness


A new species of intelligent housing processing


Not only that, it also provides network printing function, tool storage, accessories stacking mobile office, projection reception, power generation equipment building power supply, camping equipment, mobile kitchen

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